Calculus Applets
This is a large collection of Java applets for the Advanced Placement calculus AB and BC courses in the US, produced by Tom Downey using the excellent applets at Webcompmath. The applets cover the entire range of the courses and hence of introductory calculus in general. Each applet comes in a version shown on a web page, suitable for viewing in a browser window, and also as a separate resizable window with larger fonts and line widths, suitable for projection on a screen. The entire set of individual applets can be downloaded for classroom use, with appropriate attribution. A very rich resource for students or teachers of calculus. The various applets are well-designed and reminiscent of David Eck’s superb applets of many years ago (see the xFunctions link above). The applets come with ready-made examples for students or teachers to explore, as well as helpful suggestions for exploring them. In addition, the various applets can be used independently (eg using your own functions rather than pre-set functions). Many of the applets rely on a graphing window. Try Derivative Function to see the general idea and then explore topics of particular interest.

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